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When it comes to a trademark application the process should be handled by a professional trademark attorney, and Trademark Complete has just such attorneys on hand for you. When you need to trademark your business name to protect it from trademark infringement you need to make sure that it is covered completely and handled by a professional attorney who knows what they're doing. The trademark process starts with the intent to use the application, and then moves forward to an examination. Once your application has been filed this is when it will be assigned to an examining attorney. The end result is that your examining attorney will accept your application, reject it, or ask for it to be amended.

They Get the Job Done

Once this process is approved to move forward to publication,and runs for one month's time in the Official Gazette. Ifno issues are raised and all goes well notice of allowance is the final phase. Registration is the very last step and then your trademark is completely and enforceably yours. This might sound like an easy process to you but there is a lot of paperwork where a very strong attention to detail must be paid to make sure that these processes are done correctly and legally.

Make Sure It’s Yours

Your trademark is a very important part of a business - it helps to distinguish and establish who you are and will be the future of your business for many years to come make sure that you one that you choose to operate with is yours, and that you have complete rights to it so that there are no trademark infringement violations later down the road.

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