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How to Advance Car Window Tinting in Utah


Utah’s nearly 3 million people are by now used to the privilege of having their car windows colored. They have had that right since 2005 when the state legislature passed the code 41-6-149, titledWindshield and Windows Obstructions Reducing Visibility – Wipers – Prohibitions.

By most counts, the law is neither too lax nor too rigid, compared to similar laws passed by other states. It specifies some issues but does not touch others.

According to state laws, “a person may not operate a motor vehicle in which the windshield allows less than 70% light transmittance.” Front side windows must allow more than 43% of the natural light but there is no law on how dark back windows or rear window can be.

To custom window tint in Utah, state residents have many options. As in other states, and indeed in other countries, the sector has expanded quite a bit over the years. Some are better than others, some work directly with companies that produce the films, others not.

One of the more reputable companies is a firm doing custom window tinting in West Valley CityCalifornia Audio has been around for the past 20 years and meticulously abides by state legislature laws.

There are many who have called in the past years for the state to relax its laws. They want the legislature to allow higher rate of tinting but they have met with robust pushback from the law enforcement community which argues that increasing the rates would jeopardize safety of drivers on the road.

The community has also pushed back on the level of reflection that tinting films allow, saying it would put the safety of drivers in adjacent cars in danger.

Custom window tinting is a business that has grown rapidly in the past few years. Whether it is for privacy, convenience, or both, it’s a booming business.

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